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Basketball Hall wooden floor manufacturerCommon manufacturing processes in the industry

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Famous brands not only have the test report provided by the national quality inspection authority;Detailed marks are marked on the wooden case of commodity packaging.Trademark registration, manufacturer, operator model and specification, total number, detailed address, etc.Here we need to remind you that you don&#;t have to buy three non laminate floors cheaply to prevent being cheated.

4Two wood species positioning.

tIt is suitable for floor heating. SPC floor has good thermal conductivity and uniform heat dissipation. It also plays an energy-saving role for families using wall mounted furnace to heat floor heating.SPC floor overcomes the defects of stone,Products Show terrazzo,Ash wood floorAnalysis and design process and requirements ice, cold and slippery. It is the first choice for floor heating and heat conduction floor.With the passage of time, WPC (waterproof core) wood flooring is occupying the market.This floor is very important.It is not only waterproof but also durable.

Three layer solid wood composite floor.

PChulucanasSurface treatment technology affects the price of laminate flooring.With the change of market demand, the floor surface treatment process is more and more diversified, and the decorative effect is more and more obvious, such as antique, relief and decorative effect.The floor price using these methods is much higher than the standard floor price.Intelligent decoration design everyone is optimistic about environmental protection. After all, formaldehyde pollution is the primary decoration design environmental pollution that harms health.And laminate as a medium density and high-density commodity, customers are unwilling to choose,Products Show laminate does not protect the environment, as if it has become a hard logo.But in fact, it is not. Laminate flooring has gradually become a kind of wood flooring with environmental protection and comfort after the development trend of the period and the baptism of body and mind.

TwThe fire safety performance of SPC floor and homogeneous transparent waterproof coiled material floor shall meet the national industry standard gb-b, only second to marble.

SPC floor has good thermal conductivity, uniform heat discharge, small linear expansion coefficient and relatively stable.In Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions, locking SPC floor is the preferred commodity of soil temperature and heat conduction floor, which is especially suitable for laying at home and public places, especially in the cold regions of northern China (suitable for Beijing).


Rubber: rubber with poor toughness and stability.

fPrevent the floor from being deformed by cooking utensils.

JThe composite floor has stable quality and is not easy to be damaged.

QProduct rangeFifth,Products Show strong ground anti-skid.

fTService is not only related to the guarantee of product quality, but also the embodiment of corporate image.There will be some deformation,Ash wood floorAnalysis and design process and requirements warpage and cracking problems soon after the installation of floor products, many of which are caused by improper installation.Therefore, whether the service is professional or not also affects the performance of the product.The floor installation is popular and dust-free.Dust pollution in home decoration should not be underestimated.For example, in the floor installation project, wood chips and dust will inevitably appear, floating in the air, and the harm is also serious for a long time.People who move into a new house often suffer from the strange disease of new house syndrome. For example, when they get up every morning,Large diameter welded pipe - hot coil welded pipe - plate coil welded pipe - straight seam welded pipe - thick wall welded pipe - Shandong Haicheng metal materials Co., Ltd they will feel stuffy, disgusting and even dizzy;Easy to catch a cold;Often uncomfortable throat, poor breathing, dizziness and fatigue after a long time.This is because of respiratory tract infection. The biggest inducement is the dust suspended in the air for a long time.In order to avoid dust pollution, antimicrobial activity.


Environmental protection

how muchmThree layer solid wood composite floor.

EThe application and marketing promotion of PVC latch floor in China has a history of ten years. From the early stage, it has entered institutions and institutions such as colleges and universities, hospitals and outpatient departments in China, mainly LVT latch floor (thin thickness, the key ismm) and WPC latch floor (ordinary thin thickness:mmmm). SPC floor is a new product in recent five years. Most LVT / WPC are made of steam pressure, SPC floor can be formed by integrated extrusion processCustomized delivery time up to days.However, and the delivery time can be shortened several times.

Third, look at the service.

iThree layer solid wood composite floor.

iIWhat is their price level?The price of reinforced wood floor is generally between - yuan. If it is engineering plate it will be cheaper.But the price is also related to well-known brands. If it&#;s family decoration, it&#;s better to choose a better one.Solid wood composite floor changes the previous physical structure and has more reliable performance.In terms of price, it is cheaper than solid wood flooring and belongs to medium-sized consumer goods.Pavement building decoration materials are popular materials in family decoration at this stage.Generally speaking, floors between yuan / m and yuan / m are better.

The significance of brand is not only the popularity of the enterprise.A mature and successful brand is not strong and well-known in the end, but forms a solid psychological connection with consumers.A recognized brand is established through the long-term interaction between enterprises, products and consumers, which is bred in the minds of consumers by many factors, such as the accumulation of time, the actual actions of enterprises, the continuous improvement of products and services and so on.Enterprise brand is the commitment and attitude of enterprises and the guarantee of consumers.Therefore, when choosing products, consumers had better choose big brands in order to obtain better quality and service assurance.

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