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Aggrandizement wood floorSeveral common treatments of maintenance passivation

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Remove the original open putty from the edge, seal the edge again, apply primer on the whole floor and wait for drying.

4The maintenance of SPC floor is very convenient. If the floor is dirty, you can wipe it with a mop.If you want to maintain the continuous brightness of the floor, you only need to polish and wax on time.Generally speaking, polishing and waxing on the floor can be applied for months and months on the floor with large passenger flow. Its maintenance frequency is much less than that of other floors.In the decoration of new houses,Products Show but over time,Advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooringWhat is the difference between seasonal maintenance and seasonal maintenance the wooden floors are very easy to deform, curl edges and are not waterproof. Now such raw materials are particularly popular abroad. The real indoor formaldehyde is not deformed. No wonder it is popular ~.

dWooden wedges and nails shall not be used for fixing during construction.The contact surface between the wooden wedge and the nail is too small, and the grip strength of the nail is insufficient.Bones are easy to loosen, and people will make a sound when stepping on them.

The composite floor has stable quality and is not easy to be damaged.

PTafi ViejoRound beans: hard, but there will be color difference due to different positions of logs.

PcFrom the surface of the floor, the solid wood floor can be polished and painted again even if the surface is damaged because it is the whole piece of wood.Tianhe floor adopts Jianfu paint, which is wear-resistant, scratch resistant, excellent surface performance,Products Show and greatly prolongs the service life of the floor.However, multilayer boards and laminates cannot do this. If there is a problem with the surface, the whole floor will be completely abandoned.

If the address cannot be used temporarily, the indoor air quality and commodity circulation shall be maintained, and it shall not be covered with plastic boxes or newspapers so as to prevent the long-term surface paint layer from becoming sticky and dull.


Clean the paint, grease, etc. on the ground.

wSoak in water

M... the surface layer of SPC floor has been solved by pur Crystal Shield and has good air permeability. Even if barefoot steps on it, it will not feel cold and very comfortable. In addition, it is OK. There is no need to worry about falling pain. It is especially suitable for homes with old children.SPC floor will be "astringent" when it meets water, that is,Products Show the friction will increase, and the ground anti-skid characteristics are very good.Its wear resistance is also very high,Advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooringWhat is the difference between seasonal maintenance and seasonal maintenance that is, the use of steel wire brush to rub on the floor, there will be no scratches, and the service life can reach more than years.In addition, SPC floor is very lightweight, with a net weight of only - kg per square meter, which is % of the general floor material, which can reasonably save the height width ratio of indoor space and alleviate the load of road surface.No swelling,Large diameter welded pipe - hot coil welded pipe - plate coil welded pipe - straight seam welded pipe - thick wall welded pipe - Shandong Haicheng metal materials Co., Ltd no deformation, not to mention the maintenance in the middle and later stage. There is a sound insulation and noise reduction layer at the bottom of SPC floor, which is beautiful, practical and beautiful.Do you know how wood floors are classified and why?Now let&#;s introduce the three categories of wood flooring.

RPriceGood quality and low price.

pGThe main raw material of SPC floor is polyvinyl chloride, which is an environmentally friendly renewable resource.It has been widely used in people&#;s daily life, such as tableware and medical infusion bags, so there is no need to worry about its environmental protection.SPC floor is mainly composed of natural stone powder and does not contain any radioactive elements.It is a new type of green environmental protection floor decoration material.Light and thin.The thickness of SPC floor is mm- mm, and the weight per square meter is only about - kg, less than % of ordinary floor materials.In high-rise buildings, it has strong advantages in load-bearing and space saving.At the same time, it has special advantages in secondary decoration and transformation.

The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation and maintenance, solid wood composite floors mostly use adhesives with low formaldehyde emission, and good environmental protection effect.


Therefore when insects appear on the wooden floor, we should first find out where they are born. Only by manipulating the insect source can we reasonably kill insects.

A complete range of productsvSecond, convenient installation and maintenance so it is actually a new type of solid wood floor.Because it has the advantages of pure natural wood feeling, anti-corrosion and waterproof, bacteriostasis and applicable electric heating, it has become a key fashionable floor type in European countries and has been gradually accepted by the people in China.

DHigh elasticity and super impact resistance.Pengpai stone plastic floor has soft texture, so it has good elasticity. It has good elasticity recovery under the impact of heavy objects. Its foot feeling is comfortable, which is called "soft gold of ground materials".Even if you fall down, it is not easy to get hurt. Installing stone plastic floors at home can protect the elderly and children.

"Advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring"

wThird, the processing technology is highly regulated;Its structure is complicated its quality varies greatly, and its essential quality is not easy to distinguish;

xGThe most easily damaged by insects is wood. There is no doubt that wood flooring will become the main choice for insect damage.

Conclusion of inspection

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