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Basketball wood floor manufacturerInternationalization of the industry

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The high-grade laminate flooring has high texture definition and more realistic designs and colors. Even the wood grain scabs and texture details are comparable to those of real wood. Moreover, the printing of low-quality wood flooring is stiff, rough and blurred. Users can touch the surface of wood flooring with their hands. Whether it is wood grain or tactile laminate flooring, it overturns the plane effect of ordinary flooring and has a stronger three-dimensional sense.

9Eleventh, the classification is diverse;

oThe meaning of brand is by no means limited to the popularity of the enterprise.A mature and successful brand does not have strength and popularity, but forms a strong psychological connection with consumers.A recognized brand is established through the long-term interaction between enterprises,Products Show products and consumers. It is bred in the eyes of consumers by many factors,Basketball Hall wooden floor manufacturerCommon manufacturing processes in the industry such as the accumulation of time, the practical action of enterprises, which is a guarantee for consumers.Therefore, when consumers choose products, they&#;d better choose big brands to get better guarantee of quality, service and so on.

"Advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring"

TNiceThe ground shall be polished and leveled, and all pollutants shall be cleaned without gypsum.

PpAdvantages of solid wood composite floor;

Two wood species positioning.


Strengthen the floor color, rich patterns fully meet the needs of personalized design, with many varieties and fashionable colors,Products Show which can simulate various natural or artificial patterns.The decorative layer of laminate floor is generally imitated by computer, which can imitate wood patterns of various materials, or stone to make unique patterns that are not available in nature.

vAfter - floors are assembled on the flat ground, observe whether the processing accuracy is flat and smooth, whether the tenon and groove bite is appropriate, not too loose or too tight by hand and eye observation.At the same time, carefully check the assembly height difference and gap between floors.

LEasy to clean: simple, bright as a new mouth, dust-free, very easy to clean.

KwhereThe fire safety performance of SPC floor and homogeneous transparent waterproof coiled material floor shall meet the national industry standard gb-b,Products Show only second to marble.

hPIf the outdoor humidity exceeds the indoor humidity, close the windows and doors to maintain a low humidity in the room. If the outdoor humidity is lower than the indoor humidity,Basketball Hall wooden floor manufacturerCommon manufacturing processes in the industry open the windows and doors to reduce the indoor humidity.In case of cold and humid temperature, central air conditioning or electric fan can be used.

After the primer is dry, brush the first finishing coat and dry it.


The details can be seen in dad&#;s test.

reformkMoreover, families with laminate floors should also pay attention to the removal methods of daily indoor formaldehyde.The usual practices are: Open windows for ventilation to let the polluted air spread at any time;Place green plants in the house to let the plants absorb formaldehyde;Use a purifier such as anion, to filter formaldehyde;Use chemical collectors, such as formaldehyde collectors, to neutralize formaldehyde.Using these methods, break the floor and look at the substrate inside. There are no impurities in the good substrate and the color is relatively pure. A large number of impurities can be seen with the naked eye in the poor floor substrate.Most domestic floors use fast-growing forests,Large diameter welded pipe - hot coil welded pipe - plate coil welded pipe - straight seam welded pipe - thick wall welded pipe - Shandong Haicheng metal materials Co., Ltd and wood has been used since to years. However, imported floors especially FSC certified plates, have strict restrictions on wood species, so wood base materials are better.

Which brand of Taiyuan Fenghua sports floor? The wooden floor of Basketball Hall produced by professional manufacturers adopts high-quality raw materials, such as Russian maple, oak, etc.

yLaminate flooring contains a certain amount of indoor formaldehyde, which is harmful to the body beyond the index required by the state ( mg / L).When purchasing, look at the service.

Because the base material of the solid wood reinforced composite floor adopts multi-layer veneer composite, and the wood fibers are crisscrossed into a network superposition combination, which makes the internal stresses of different wood adjust each other between layers, ensures the smoothness and stability of the wood floor, and maintains the beauty of the solid wood floor. It can not only enjoy the natural warmth, but also solve the shortcomings of the difficult maintenance of the solid wood floor. It is a kind of reinforced wood floorAnd solid wood flooring.

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