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Does floor leather workCasting brilliance

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How to maintain multi-layer solid wood floor II: phased wax maintenance method wax maintenance it is recommended that the family multi-layer solid wood floor should be maintained with wax every quarter. When the wax is ventilated indoors, the wax should be wiped along the direction of the ground wax texture when applying. All the wax should not be poured on the floor. After the feet are cleaned, it will take hours to use.Many consumers believe that the insects on the wood floor are undoubtedly due to the unqualified quality of the wood floor. Obviously, the insects on the wood floor are due to the difficult problem of the wood floor processing technology, but the insects growing out are not necessarily born on the wood floor.

4 easy care.


Remove the residual glue and glue on the ground.

GSayin mountainSolid wood flooring is made of natural wood materials, which is integrated without production and processing. Of course,Products Show it accepts the unique characteristics of wood,Difference between laminate floor and solid wood floorHow to choose a good one which is easy to arch and deform.Production and processing of composite flooring is generally not easy to happen.

TwSelling price of solid wood flooring

Seventh, sound insulation and noise reduction.


Environmental protection level.

mThe laminate floor is composed of wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, base material and balance layer.The wear-resistant layer, decorative layer and balance layer are manually printed, and the base material is made of fast-growing forest materials. The cost is lower than that of solid wood flooring. At the same time, it can be produced on a large scale, and the relative cost performance is high.Due to the different base materials, the price difference is obvious,Products Show and there is more room for customers to choose, which is suitable for people at all levels.

OIf there are hard objects, check the ground hardness, which shall not be lower thanMPa.

RQuality assuranceConsidering the Japanese style of the family, plus the all-round shops in the living room and restaurant, the color needs to be light color, light yellow, moderate stability, and the preliminary positioning of white oak. The reinforced composite wood floor has the texture of natural wood floor at the same time, and the price is reasonable,Products Show which is favored by the majority of consumers. However, many consumers are worried that formaldehyde will be stored in the production and processing process of composite floorIn,Difference between laminate floor and solid wood floorHow to choose a good one it is harmful to human body. How about using reinforced composite wood flooring? What are the advantages and disadvantages of reinforced composite wood flooring? Let&#;s take you to know about the relevant situation of reinforced composite wood flooring and have a look together.

oVA good paper cutter can be used to cut at will. In addition, it can be composed of raw materials with different colors. It is especially suitable for floor tile mosaic ground. It can be composed and matched at will. It makes full use of the intelligence of interior designers to achieve the most ideal practical effect of decoration design;It is enough to turn your ground into handicrafts, and your life and home into a temple of plastic art, full of plastic art atmosphere.

Compared with laminate flooring: pattern non laminate flooring.Comparison with solid wood flooring: strong glue must be selected for the production of solid wood composite flooring. Unlike the traditional solid wood flooring, only the wood itself is basically with glue.Although the environmental protection quality of super glue is very high, and the formaldehyde concentration can be basically ignored, it still exists.


SPC floor material is soft and has good ductility. Under the impact of hanging objects, the ductility recovers well,Large diameter welded pipe - hot coil welded pipe - plate coil welded pipe - straight seam welded pipe - thick wall welded pipe - Shandong Haicheng metal materials Co., Ltd and the upper feet are comfortable and happy.

manufactureriManufacturers generally consist of four layers of raw materials, decorative layer, dense plate layer and equilibrium layer.

QFire protection, fire rating B, fine and uniform cross-sectional texture, small and compact particles. Poor quality laminate flooring has large and sparse cross-sectional particles and very rough surface. Again, weigh its weight by hand. Due to high density, good solid wood laminate flooring also has a heavy hand feeling.

gOlfactory effect: all kinds of wood often give off a particularly pleasant smell. They are used to fenduojing. After experiments these gases can sterilize and kill insects, stimulate spirit, calm nerves and produce health care effects on human health.

pWIn addition to the above three, there are now bamboo floors and cork floors, so there is no need to consider them.

For reinforced wood flooring, the main standard of floor environmental protection is formaldehyde emission.Under the limitation of formaldehyde emission standards the environmental protection of the flooring industry has experienced three technological revolutions: E, E and FCF.At an earlier stage the formaldehyde emission standard of wood-based panels was E (formaldehyde emission ≤ mg / g), and its formaldehyde emission limit was very loose.Even if the product meets this standard, its formaldehyde content may exceed three times that of E wood-based panel, which is seriously harmful to human health. Therefore, it must not be used for home decoration.Therefore, in the first environmental protection revolution, the flooring industry implemented E environmental protection standard, that is, formaldehyde emission ≤m/l.Although it does not pose a threat to the human body, there is still a lot of free formaldehyde on the floor.The flooring industry has started the second environmental protection revolution.In this environmental protection revolution, the flooring industry has implemented E environmental protection standard, that is formaldehyde emission ≤m/l.The best way to identify whether the floor is environmentally friendly is to smell a large area on the floor with a hammer to make the floor smell a lot of free formaldehyde.

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