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Can floor heating lay a wooden floorCommon problems and Solutions

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Solid wood flooring

5The legendary Luban was the man who opened the mountain, and the wooden floor was also invented by Luban;In folklore, wooden land

gWhen assembling the solid wood floor, do not be too loose or too tight.The assembly relaxation shall be reasonably arranged according to the temperature of the indoor environment. The assembly relaxation will produce a large gap with the shrinkage of the floor.The assembly is too tight and the floor is arched when it expands.

Third, environmental protection is comfortable.

VGranvilleRemove the dust on the ground.

ZsHow to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring?

The ground shall be polished and leveled, and all pollutants shall be cleaned without gypsum.


Third,Products Show its quality varies greatly,Can I have a wooden floor on the tilesOur specifications are very strict and its essential quality is not easy to distinguish;

lSee: whether the thickness of the ground lacquer cloth is full, whether the foaming layer, printing layer and wear-resistant layer of the bottom layer are layered, whether there is the bottom layer, whether the thickness of the bottom layer is like a cicada wing,Large diameter welded pipe - hot coil welded pipe - plate coil welded pipe - straight seam welded pipe - thick wall welded pipe - Shandong Haicheng metal materials Co., Ltd and whether the back of the ground lacquer cloth is black.

LSelect water resistance.

NVariable costPerhaps there is another reason. The insects on the wooden floor do climb out from under the wooden floor, but they may not be ghosts on the wooden floor.

zGRemove the pavement and remove dust to avoid the accumulation of crushed stones or friction coefficient floating dust on the floor surface.The shoe sole can be placed at the door to prevent broken stones or friction coefficient dust from being brought into the room.Generally, when cleaning the floor, humidification equipment can be selected in autumn and winter to maintain the indoor air quality humidity at % - %.When moving furniture you can&#;t push and pull the door on the ground immediately. You should stretch out and remove it with care.The bottom of furniture that moves frequently should be pasted with an eraser.

Laminate flooring is not recommended. The formaldehyde emission of ℃ flooring is much higher than the conventional standard.If you really want to choose, you might as well look at the holy elephant.


Inspection results:

For more, please checkhRubber: rubber with poor toughness and stability.

PThe key injury of formaldehyde is mainly manifested in the stimulation of skin and mucous membrane. Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical substance,Products Show which can fuse with protein. When inhaled at high concentration, it has serious irritation and edema of respiratory system, eye irritation and headache.

The high-grade laminate flooring has high texture definition and more realistic designs and colors. Even the wood grain scabs and texture details are comparable to those of real wood. Moreover, the printing of low-quality wood flooring is stiff,Can I have a wooden floor on the tilesOur specifications are very strict rough and blurred. Users can touch the surface of wood flooring with their hands. Whether it is wood grain or tactile laminate flooring, it overturns the plane effect of ordinary flooring and has a stronger three-dimensional sense.

kSPC floor has strong impact resistance, impact damage to suspended objects and strong ductility repair.

kPIf it is really serious or the actual recovery is not satisfactory, we must remove and replace the floor,Products Show find technicians to solve it take out the seriously damaged wooden floor and remove it.

A good paper cutter can be used to cut at will. In addition, it can be composed of raw materials with different colors. It is especially suitable for floor tile mosaic ground. It can be composed and matched at will. It makes full use of the intelligence of interior designers to achieve the most ideal practical effect of decoration design;It is enough to turn your ground into handicrafts, and your life and home into a temple of plastic art, full of plastic art atmosphere.

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