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Classification of floorsWhat characteristics should be paid attention to

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The quality of solid wood composite floor is stable, not easy to damage and easy to use.

0The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation and maintenance, solid wood composite floors mostly use adhesives with low formaldehyde emission, and good environmental protection effect.

zWell known brands not only have the test report produced by China&#;s quality inspection authority;The marks on the packing box of the product are complete.Registered trademark, manufacturer, business unit model,Products Show quantity,Ceramic tile or wood floor?Recent industry trends address, telephone number, etc.Here to remind you, don&#;t be greedy for cheap to buy three non laminate flooring, so as not to be deceived.

If the outdoor humidity exceeds the indoor humidity, central air conditioning or electric fan can be used.

ZDoualaAdvantages of reinforced composite wood floor.

SqThe formaldehyde emission of pure solid wood floor is very small. If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended to use pure solid wood floor.

Because SPC floor is composed of wear-resistant layer mineral rock layer powder and polymer powder, of course, it is not afraid of water. There is no need to worry about the deformation and mildew of home floor due to small blisters.The actual effect of waterproof and mildew removal is very good,Products Show so the bathroom, restaurant, kitchen and living balcony can be used.


SPC floor does not use strong glue in the production process, so there are no indoor formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances.The indoor formaldehyde emerald green floor is not easy to cause damage to the body.

iBefore installing the solid wood floor, it must be ensured that the floor is dry, flat and free of garbage.Generally, the installation of the floor must be carried out before other decoration works are completed.If the floor is not flat, the installation will cause some floors and keel to hang, which will make a sound when people step on it.

PBecause of its special structure,Products Show solid wood composite floor has low requirements for wood and can make full use of materials, so its price is much cheaper than solid wood composite floor.

RMarket trendEnvironmental protection

hBThe main raw material of SPC floor is polyvinyl chloride,Ceramic tile or wood floor?Recent industry trends which is an environmentally friendly renewable resource.It has been widely used in people&#;s daily life, such as tableware and medical infusion bags, so there is no need to worry about its environmental protection.SPC floor is mainly composed of natural stone powder and does not contain any radioactive elements.It is a new type of green environmental protection floor decoration material.Light and thin.The thickness of SPC floor is mm- mm, and the weight per square meter is only about - kg, less than % of ordinary floor materials.In high-rise buildings, it has strong advantages in load-bearing and space saving.At the same time, it has special advantages in secondary decoration and transformation.

Multilayered Wood Flooring


Then look at the quality.

systemaThe surface layer of the laminate floor is a wear-resistant layer, which is composed of evenly distributed alumina,Large diameter welded pipe - hot coil welded pipe - plate coil welded pipe - straight seam welded pipe - thick wall welded pipe - Shandong Haicheng metal materials Co., Ltd which can achieve high hardness. Scraping with a hard object as sharp as a key can only leave shallow traces.The pollution resistance, corrosion resistance, compression resistance and impact resistance of laminate flooring are better than other kinds of wood flooring.

TFirst, look at environmental protection

Hearing effect: wood is a natural porous material with good sound absorption and sound insulation performance.Therefore, houses decorated with wood materials have small echo and good sound insulation effect, the main standard of floor environmental protection is formaldehyde emission.Under the limitation of formaldehyde emission standards, the environmental protection of the flooring industry has experienced three technological revolutions: E, E and FCF.At an earlier stage, the formaldehyde emission standard of wood-based panels was E (formaldehyde emission ≤ mg / g) and its formaldehyde emission limit was very loose.Even if the product meets this standard, its formaldehyde content may exceed three times that of E wood-based panel, it must not be used for home decoration.Therefore, in the first environmental protection revolution, the flooring industry implemented E environmental protection standard, that is formaldehyde emission ≤m/l.Although it does not pose a threat to the human body, there is still a lot of free formaldehyde on the floor.The flooring industry has started the second environmental protection revolution.In this environmental protection revolution, the flooring industry has implemented E environmental protection standard, that is, formaldehyde emission ≤m/l.The best way to identify whether the floor is environmentally friendly is to smell a large area on the floor with a hammer to make the floor smell a lot of free formaldehyde.

In terms of price, other entry-level products include muscarine, birch, elm, etc., with low price; iron cycadwood, two winged bean, ash, etc., have high cost performance; oak, teak, etc., have high price performance.

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