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Anti static brand of floorWidely applicable and customizable

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Second, sticky man is thin.

0The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation and maintenance, solid wood composite floors mostly use adhesives with low formaldehyde emission, and good environmental protection effect.

rThe conventional thickness is only - mm. The ultra-thin design is a bold innovation in the professional industry. The surface is printed with materials to improve the service life of people flow field. The surface imitates the real wood texture and natural marble texture. In view of the characteristics of raw materials it has fast heat conduction and long heat storage duration. It is the preferred floor for floor heating.

However, from the perspective of installation method, laminate floor,Products Show multi-layer floor and ordinary flat buckle solid wood floor belong to disposable floor,Aggrandizement wood floorSeveral common treatments of maintenance passivation it can realize glue free, nail free and dragon free during installation, so that the floor can be disassembled, installed and used repeatedly.For example, the floor can be quickly removed and reinstalled.If you live for many years and want to move away, you can also remove the floor and reinstall it in a new home. For the floors of some precious tree species such as teak, this is very important, because the logs are more and more precious, and the floor can maintain and increase its value.

HMakaz voruswali YachinThe solid wood floor is made of natural wood after drying and processing. It has natural texture,Products Show environmental protection and health, good touch and elasticity and also has good sound insulation, sound absorption and heat insulation performance. It won&#;t feel cold when sitting on the solid wood floor in any season. It is very suitable for families with older children at home.Honest wood flooring can be renovated and continue to be used after professional processing.Solid wood floor also has some shortcomings, not wear-resistant, not moisture-proof, easy to lose luster, so home decoration solid wood floor should pay attention to the usual waxing and maintenance work!

HjEasy to install.

Use a level to detect the flatness of the ground and keep the ground on the same level.


Clean the paint, grease, etc. on the ground.

pFoot feel

IKeep the floor dry and clean. It is clean. Do not wash it with water to avoid long-term immersion of the floor.For oil stains, and do not wipe the ground with gasoline or other high-temperature liquids.

PQuality AssuranceNinth,Products Show laser cutting is simple and easy.

rMIt is simple to clean, bright as new,Aggrandizement wood floorSeveral common treatments of maintenance passivation dirt free and easy to clean. The surface of solid wood reinforced composite floor is painted and treated very well, with good wear resistance, and does not need to spend a lot of energy on maintenance. It is reported that good solid wood composite floor in the market can keep the paint bright as new without waxing within years. This is in sharp contrast to the shape and maintenance of wood floor.

Plywood is made of solid wood composite cold pressing of plywood, and the surface is inlaid with high-quality hardwood specification laths. The commonly used tree species include white birch, birch oak, oak, maple, cherry,Large diameter welded pipe - hot coil welded pipe - plate coil welded pipe - straight seam welded pipe - thick wall welded pipe - Shandong Haicheng metal materials Co., Ltd rich patterns, fully meet the needs of personalized design, with many varieties and fashionable colors, which can simulate various natural or artificial patterns.The decorative layer of laminate floor is generally imitated by computer, which can imitate wood patterns of various materials, or stone to make unique patterns that are not available in nature.

wheremTwelfth, heat transfer, cold prevention and warmth preservation.

BI have seen the evaluation video before. Netizens rub the steel ball of cleaning tableware back and forth on the SPC floor, and there is no trace on the surface.If it&#;s a wooden floor, I think it&#;s not like it anymore. You can see how good its wear resistance is.

The reinforced composite floor with good base material will give off a fresh wooden smell. The composite floor with weak base material will produce a strong pungent smell. The author randomly picked up two wooden floors and put them in front of his nose. The pungent smell from one wooden floor made the author frown immediately. Customers may wish to smell the floor closely when purchasing, and do not buy inferior floors.

pThe performance of domestic solid wood composite floor is better than that of imported solid wood composite floor, whether it is three-layer solid wood composite or multi-layer solid wood composite floor.If the budget is insufficient or the floor heating needs to be installed at home, it is recommended to recommend domestic big brand multi-layer solid wood composite flooring (because the price of three-layer solid wood composite flooring may be higher than that of pure solid wood, and the budget is sufficient). Don&#;t be too obsessed with imported big brands, and domestic big brands may not be as good as domestic ones.

yMThird, the processing technology is highly regulated;Its structure is complicated, its quality varies greatly, and its essential quality is not easy to distinguish;

Selling price of solid wood flooring

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