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Can the floor leather stick to the wallCommon faults and Solutions

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Different colored floors can create different styles of popular furniture high-grade, calm, classical and unique furniture charm.Exquisite life starts from decoration. If you want to have a family environment with both appearance and quality, to create such high-quality and textured home decoration we must not damage the floor.Install basketball wood flooring manufacturer&#;s flooring?Sports wood flooring installation basketball wood flooring manufacturers now have many unprofessional basketball wood flooring manufacturers.In order to reduce costs, they will not hesitate to damage the interests of customers, reduce costs,Products Show and cause the floor to slip.

6Three layer solid wood floor

rThe most common causes of wood floor cracking are the moisture content of the floor and the dry humidity of the environment. For example,Can floor leather be paved on uneven groundTechnological upgrading promotes progress the moisture content of the wood floor is % and the local average moisture content is %. In order to balance the moisture content of the floor and the moisture content in the air, the dry air absorbs moisture from the wood floor, and the wood floor cracks in this process

Solid wood flooring

MrecoverFirst, slight scratches.

WwSecond, the price is high and the cost performance is not high. Compared with the reinforced composite floor and double-layer composite floor, the price is more expensive;

It is also called prepreg paper laminated wood floor and laminate floor. If it meets the standard, one or more layers of special prepreg thermosetting amino resin shall be used.


Regulation effect: wood has certain moisture absorption performance. After indoor decoration with dry wood, the air humidity is too high, and the wood absorbs part of the moisture from the air. On the contrary,Products Show it releases the moisture, in the houses decorated with wood, including pur Crystal Shield transparent layer only second to marble.

MInformation recommendationThe most easily damaged by insects is wood. There is no doubt that wood flooring will become the main choice for insect damage.

fBSPC floor is mainly made of calcium carbonate, wear-resistant layer, color film layer, SPC polymer rural base and soft sound insulation rebound layer.Its foreign home decoration sales market is very hot, especially suitable for home furniture floor.

The internal humidity can not be very high to maintain the dryness and smoothness of the floor. The daily cleaning can be wiped with a dry cotton mop: if it is difficult to remove dirt, it should be wiped with a neutral cleaning organic solvent and then wiped with a dry cotton mop. Do not wipe with acid, alkaline solvent or vehicle gasoline and other solvents.


Remove the original open putty from the edge, seal the edge again,Products Show apply primer on the whole floor and wait for drying.

Energy costsbLooking at the bar code formal reinforced composite floor, the back of the floor will be printed with not only the brand trademark,Can floor leather be paved on uneven groundTechnological upgrading promotes progress but also the model, wear revolutions, environmental protection grade and other information of the floor, so that consumers can see it at a glance.

Y days later, maggots grow on the floor. This problem occurs because the floor contains a lot of impurities.

Solid wood flooring is made of natural wood materials, which is integrated without production and processing. Of course, it accepts the unique characteristics of wood, which is easy to arch and deform.Production and processing of composite flooring is generally not easy to happen.

xIt is the best way to polish and wax the solid wood floor once a month,Large diameter welded pipe - hot coil welded pipe - plate coil welded pipe - straight seam welded pipe - thick wall welded pipe - Shandong Haicheng metal materials Co., Ltd but wipe the water and dirt clean before polishing and waxing.How to choose solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring?

eFGood wear resistance and stability.

After the primer is dry, brush the first finishing coat and dry it.

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